Our region: Corsica

The rich touristic nature of this miniature continent is unarguably a direct result of its natural heritage.
Corsica is nothing like one's usual image of a Mediterranean island: In fact, no other Mediterranean island is as green as Corsica.

With its classified sites and its nature reserves that have not only been recognised nationally, but which have also been granted world heritage status by UNESCO, its international marine park and its National regional Park which runs along the chain of mountains between Calvi and Port Vecchio and covers over a third of the Island's surface, Corsica remains a well-preserved island.

With over 2000 different species of plants and flowers, Corsica will dazzle you with its colourful display.
Five nature reserves protect the island's unique fauna and flora: The Cerbicales Iles, a sanctuary for the European Shag; the Lavaezzi Iles where 68 different species of fish have been identified; the Finnocchiara isles, Scandola, the largest land and marine reserve in France, and Lake Biguglia where 127 species of water birds have made their home.



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