Calvi: learn, share and be delighted

Corsica : A floating citadel and a backdrop of mountains whose shadows reflect onto the sea.
Boats moored alongside colourful marine fauna and flora extending as far as a sandy beach on the edge of a pine-forest. You are in Calvi.
Calvi's inhabitants are passionate about the purity of its waters and the richness of its treasures. Like a beauty spot, Calvi nestles into the north-west of Corsica, on the face of this most beautiful of islands.
Less than two-hours' flight from most major European cities, Calvi, Corsica's foremost travel destination, has inarguably many natural, architectural and cultural advantages which have all contributed to the development of tourism since the beginning of the century.

The Summer season is punctuated by different kinds of entertainment: Above and beyond the different festivals and concerts, port and beach restaurants and caf├ęs, discos and piano bars also offer a host of evening entertainment for the young and not so young.
You will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out different nautical activities in one of the most beautiful gulfs in the Mediterranean sea ,or in the Scandola Nature reserve.
Ramblers will probably be among those visitors who will take away the most wonderful memories of Corsica: Hiking on the ancestral paths, now maintained by the team responsible for the upkeep of Corsica's Regional Park, the rambler will discover the elation of physical exercise combined with the delight of discovering majestic and varied landscapes But do not let us forget culture: Calvi is one of Corsica's most dynamic and cultural cities. Events take place throughout the year and can be spiritual in Holy Week, musical (Jazz Festival, Polyphonic singing) or environmental with the Wind Festival.
have you already experienced the Summer season in Calvi? Take the opportunity of other cultural events to see the other side of Calvi and Corsica. After the hustle and bustle of the summer season, it will impress you with its riches, its authenticity and its welcome.



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